Gomocup Schedule, 15th-17th of April 2022

There will be 2 freestyle groups (i.e., Freestyle 1 and 2), 1 fastgame group (Fastgame), 2 standard groups (i.e., Standard 1 and 2), and 1 renju group (Renju) in Gomocup 2022. Elo rating system is used to evaluate AIs' strength. The memory limit is determined to 350MB, and the AI size limitation is 8MB. Time per move/per match will be 5s/120s for fastgame, 300s/1000s for final leagues (i.e., Freestyle 1, Standard 1, and Renju), and 30s/180s for the rest (i.e., Freestyle 2 and Standard 2).

For Freestyle 2 and Standard 2, the top 4 AIs will move up to the next group (i.e., Freestyle 1 and Standard 1, respectively). If the top k (k>4) places were all taken by new (or updated) AIs in a group, then all these k AIs would advance to the next group.

In addition, there will be an unlimited tournament, where AIs will be running on participants' computers. This experimental tournament has no limitation on AI size and allows participants to use any hardware (e.g., GPUs) that they have access to. Time per match will be 120 min. There is no additional time limitation per move. Following Gomoku World Championships, the rule for this tournament is Swap2. The tournament will be a double round-robin tournament and tie-break criteria are: game points; match points; Berger coefficient; personal score, following World Correspondence Gomoku Championships.

Schedule (tentative)

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Freestyle 1

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Tournament Computers

The traditional tournaments will run on cloud servers with AMD EPYC ROME (2.6/3.3GHz) and Windows Server 2019.


Gomocup is sponsored by Tech Center of Lightspeed & Quantum Studios Group, Tencent