Gomocup Schedule, 3rd-5th of May 2019

Due to false-positive virus detection, we temporarily provide the downloads of new and updated AIs in 2019 at this Github repository to avoid the Gomocup website being blocked by Google Safe Browsing. We are working on fixing the issue through a better way.

There will be 4 freestyle groups, 1 fastgame group, 1 standard group, and 1 renju group in Gomocup 2019.

For Freestyle 2, 3, and 4, the top 4 AIs will move up to the next group. If the top k (k>4) places were all taken by new (or updated) AIs in a group, then all these k AIs would advance to the next group.

(The schedule is tentative)




What is new?


New AI


We do not receive update from GORO this year. Since a protection makes GORO18 expired (it is sending emails), it is removed from the Freestyle and Fastgame leagues this year.

Freestyle 1

Freestyle 2

Freestyle 3

Freestyle 4

Fastgame League

Since XOXO18.S crashed frequently in Gomocup 2018 and XOXO19 does not support standard rule, it is removed from the Standard league this year.

Standard League

Renju League


Gomocup is sponsored by Tech Center of Lightspeed & Quantum Studios Group, Tencent